Kelsi Geuns

Fall is approaching with cooler temps, Friday night lights, and pumpkin spice everything! This is also the perfect time of year to tackle a few home maintenance issues.


1)   Change the air filters & Check the furnace: Ideally, air filters should be changed every month in order to reduce energy bills and prolong the life of your HVAC system. And this time of year, take it a step further and call in the pros to tune up your furnace and fix any loose electrical/gas connections.


2)   Make Sure Windows are Sealed Tight


3)   Sweep the Chimney: There’s nothing like the first fire of the season, however built up soot in your chimney can increase the risk of a chimney fire and a clogged chimney can increase the presence of carbon monoxide by not allowing the air to escape properly.


4)   Check & Repair Leaky Faucets


5)   Clean & Repair the Siding: This time of year is a great time to use a pressure washer to clean it up and inspect for more serious issues or cracking before winter arrives.


6)   Check Driveways , Walkways, & Porches for Cracks: Fixing these areas before snow & ice arrive will prevent a tripping or falling accident.


7)   Service the Yard Equipment: It’s harmful for equipment to sit all winter long with old oil and dirt so before storing these items for Winter, take the time to service and clean them.



Here’s a link to a printable checklist to get your house ready for Fall: