2016 St. Charles and St. Peters Real Estate Market Update



St. Peters and St. Charles Home Sale Record:

337 homes sold in July, 2017

The St. Charles and St. Peters city real estate market has performed extremely well in 2016 with the peak month for sales being July with a total sales number of 337.  This was the highest month of sales ever recorded in the past 10 years.

                                            St. Charles and St. Peters Average Sale Price

2016 Average Sale Price is $214,466

Over the last 10 years the Median and Average sales price has also continued to rebound and 2016 finally brought the year where sales prices rose above the previous 2007 peak.    The average sale price this year was 213k just creeping above the 2007 average of 2010.

St. Charles and St. Peters 2016 List to sell ratio is 99.6%

The List to sell price in is percentage of list price the seller actually receives after negotiations.   Again we saw a 10 year record with 99.6% of list price.     This means that if a seller lists the home at a $200,000 asking price, the buyer can expect to pay $199,200.    That is only a $800 negation.    Incredible!

St. Charles and St. Peters homes sell after only 11 Days on market

Days on market also fell to the lowest on 10 year record with the median being 11 days and the average being 36 days.

Best time to sell a St. Charles or St. Peters home in the past 10 years

This is the best time to sell a home in past 10 years.   Prices are at an all time high, days on market are at an all time low, supply of homes is low and buyer demand is up.    Financing is still cheap and now is the time to make a move.


20 homes sold over $600k in St. Charles and St. Peters

In 2016 there were 20 homes that sold over the $600,000 price point.   There was a tie for the highest price home sold at 1.2 million.    To see the inside the two homes and the all homes over 600k use the link below to download a pdf of all photos.  


To see the top priced homes in 2016 you can use this link to download:   



If you would like to know what your home is worth you can got to:  



Newest homes for sale in St. Charles and St. Peters: