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Chesterfield, MO Homes Market Update


Number of homes for sale vs homes sold in Chesterfield, MO

The number of homes sold so far in 2016 is the highest we have seen in the past 10 years.  While inventory of homes for sale is hovering just over the 300 homes, it is still one of the lowest inventories we have had in nearly 10 years.   The blue line on the graph shows the number of homes for sale in Chesterfield, while the Green line shows the number of homes sold.

Chesterfield Homes sold by year YTD (1/1 to 10/23)

2016 = 823

2015= 784

2014= 801

2013= 789

2012= 692

2011= 557

2010= 595

2009= 555

2008= 622

2007= 729

2006= 729


List to Price Ratio and Average Days On Market for Chesterfield, MO

List to price ratio is the percentage of list price buyers end up paying for homes after negotiations.  The list to price ratio for YTD in 2016 is around 98% with the median being 97.7% and the Average being 97.3%.   The number of days it takes a home to sell is called the Days on Market.  The Median days on market is 26 while the average Chesterfield home sells in 65.3 days.

Luxury homes in Chesterfield.

So far in 2016 only 15 homes sold over $1,000,000 in Chesterfield so far in 2016.   This same period in 2015 saw 23 homes and 19 in the same period 2014.   The high price winner goes to a beauty in Pacland Estates for 2.3 million and change.  To see what you could have bought for $1m in Chesterfield check out

Homes are still selling in chesterfield and despite the time of year now is a good time to list a home because of continuing demand and lower inventories.    Some higher price points may see demand soften and prices may ease in 2017.    

If you would like to know what your Chesterfield home is worth visit the link below for a free and instant home value report: