The REALTOR magnet has been mailed out by real estate agents since the invention of the ice box.  This timeless marketing piece typically includes some useful information like kitchen measurement conversions or better yet a sports schedule for your favorite team.    Keeping track of games was difficult pre-internet, but despite technology agents continue to send out the baseball schedule in a fridge magnet format.

It has occurred to us that maybe its time to move forward to current technology and offer our clients and friends a better way to keep track of the cardinals schedule.   Below is a link that will allow you to subscribe to a calendar on your phone so the the games will automatically display on your calendar app.   This can be toggled on and off so you will never miss a game.

Of course this does eliminate the cheesy agent photo stuck to your fridge, so if you require an old school REALTOR magnet let us know and we would be happy to send you one.  We seem to have plenty laying around.